Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to buy the Newest Tag Reading System for $16.99 + tax (retails for $40-50)

For over 6 months, I have been eyeing the Leapfrog Tag reading system for my little boy for Christmas.  He learned so much with the fridge phonics as well as the Leapfrog DVDs.  I found out that through the power of coupons that I can:
  1. Print a $10 manufacturer coupon from leapfrog HERE
  2. Add my $10 target coupon from HERE  (go to page 3).
  3. Drop by my local Aldi to pick up  this weeks full ad with the price of the system at $36.99.  Go HERE to find your local Aldi.  It has to be a printed ad not from the internet. 
  4.  Check out with my two coupons.
  5.  Go to customer service to get them to price match the ad for Aldi after I have paid for it  (refund of the difference).
FYI, Target takes one manufacturer coupon and one target coupon per item and they also price match.  

Great to give to your favorite children's charity!   FYI, Did you know young poor children are 3 times as likely not to have a parent read to them as non-poor children and are considerably less likely to recognize all letters, count to 20 or higher or be able to write their first name?  Ok, I am cimbing down from my "soap box." 

*Why do I tell you to purchase then go to customer service for a price match? Target has a very complex retail system as many stores.  I found that this is the path of least resistance (at least in the Atlanta area).  You are free to try another way, but I would rather you have a low stress experience :)

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swanny said...

Hey Courtney! I picked up this deal today from Target near us - the 1st one I tried wouldn't honor it, so YMMV depending on which Target you hit in your area. I was also able to get a Tag Jr. book as well.

So it was $28.99 + 10.99 - 10 - 10 - 5 (they honored the 5 off a book as well) so $14 and change for all of it.

The Tag Rocks -


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