Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Contest: How much did I spend on Groceries? $62.87 (68% Savings)

UPDATE: The answer is $62.87!  Deanna you are the WINNER!I am not quite the "black belt" saver as you might believe :) I did save $137.75. That is 68% in savings. What matters is that you are spending SMART, not whether you are a PERFECT spender! I have only couponed for 3 months now. If I can do it, you can do it! Give yourself a RAISE and start couponing today!!!  

This is what I bought: 5 lb. bag of potatoes, 1 Stoffers Skillet meal, 1 Boston Market Steak Frozen, 2 Heinz White Vinegar, 6 Gerber baby food, 12 Beechnut baby food, 2 Oikos Greek Yogurt, 4 jumbo packs of Stayfree, 2 packages of midol, 2 Jollytime Popcorns, 2 French's Wors. Sauce, Publix 18 eggs, 2 Knox gelatin packets, 4 boxes of Ritz crackers, 4 Lysol cleaners, 2 quaker instant oatmeal boxes, 4 Arnold double fiber bread, 2 lbs of red seedless grapes, 1 Red Baron Pizza, 4 Rolaids packs,  4 Bertoli pasta sauces, 1 whole milk gallon, 1 pint international delights coffee creamer,   1 French's honey mustard, Publix OJ, 2 Musselman's apple sauce, 1 Stacy's pita chips, 2 Franks red Hot sauce, 2 NY bread Frozen, 2 sctotch fur fighters, 2.5 lbs bananas...I think that is everything!

*Note: We do eat meat and other vegetables, but I have that stockpiled from sales.  At Publix this week, I did not want to pay $3.79 /lb for chicken breast when I paid $1.79/lb at Kroger last week...LOL!  I bought 10 lbs. of chicken breast last week.

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Devin said...

$45 dollars?

Teresa Earl said...


Proverbs 31 said...

$ 24.95 :)

Michelle said...

Great job-
I not entering to win but will guess $10.23
Great blog!!
Michelle (I Heart Publix)

Deanna said...


Lawrence Family said...

43.00 and change

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