Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Give Yourself a $12,000 + raise in 2010

Are you living paycheck to paycheck or in DEEP debt?  Does your husband or you need a raise to get out of the hole you find yourself in?  These are all tools that we used when we found ourselves paying 2 mortgages. Here is how to create your own raise in 2010!  

  1. Coupons for Groceries: Start couponing.  Learn all you can.  We gave ourselves an average $500 a month raise. If I can do it, you can do it!  I never used a coupon in a grocery store before this year.  

2.      Utilities: Cut out excess utilities.  
A.    Satelite/Cable: We cancelled our satellite which gave us a $80 a month raise.  We watched shows online at,, and 
B.    Home Phone:  Cancel your home phone and use your cell phone (metro pcs).  Up to $80 a month raise.  
C.   Yard: Cancel the yard treatment plan/yard maintenance.  $20 + a month raise
D.   Negotiate: You will be surprised also with how GENEROUS these companies will start being to keep you as a client.  **We just got our satellite back after 3 months (when we get a tenant for our condo) with a great package (HD, DVR etc.) for $40 a month for 12 months.
3.      Drugstore Game: Learn about the drugstore game.  I get $200 + a month  (raise) worth of cosmetics, hair care, over the counter medicine etc. for less than $10 a month.
4.      Eating Out
A.    Make yourself a couple of delicious soups or buy  ingredients for your favorite sandwich instead of going to a fast food restaurant 3-4 times a week  $15-40 raise a month depending on whether you are buying foods for your kids as well. 
B.    Go out to eat only once a week.  $160-300 a month raise
C.   Quit going to get fancy coffee and brew your own.  I just started using a cappuccino maker that I got as a wedding present.  Instead of going to Starbucks, I started my own home coffee shop, Savebucks J Around $40 + a month raise.
D.   Take your kids to McDonalds or Chick-fil-a AFTER lunch to buy them an ice cream cone or yourself a coffee so that they can have an opportunity to play in the Play Place without buying a Happy Meal.  $20-40 a month raise.  
5.      Salon Discounts: Go to a salon like Bob Steele Salon for the first time and get 50% off your first visit when you say that Courtney Breban sent you. That can be up to a $100 or more raise this month.  
6.      Preschool/Private School: Struggling financially?  Pull Johnny or Janey out of preschool and enroll him in some classes or sports in your community. $180-700 a month raise.  Or better yet pull them out of private school and either put them in home school or public school.  You will give yourself a $280-$2500 raise per month
7.      Cars: Sell the cars you pay payments on and buy a nice used car that you can pay cash for.  $200-1000 + a month raise
8.      Books: Use the library for you and your kids instead of buying new books.  $15-40 a month raise.
9.      Sell and Buy: Sell the stuff you don’t use or need and buy used on craigslist and ebay.  $20-100 + raise per month.
10.  Accountability/Sticking to your budget:   $$PRICELESS$$
A.   Married: Put together a Cash Flow Budget EVERY MONTH giving every dollar a name until you have spent your last cent WITH YOUR SPOUSE.  
B.  Single: If you are single, have an accountability partner who will hold you accountable to your cash flow budget and for meeting your financial goals.  

Some of this sounds extreme but if you are in a deep hole, you need a big shovel not a teaspoon to get out of the hole.  There is NOTHING Godly or good about being in debt!  If this is a generational pattern let this STOP with you.   A question we would ask ourselves is: Would our children rather have stressed out parents, in debt and have everything, or have parents abiding in peace, out of debt, setting an example and have little?  As Dave Ramsey says, "If you live like no one else, later on you can LIVE like no one else. "
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