Monday, January 25, 2010

Knox Coupon Moneymaker!

I am really excited about this coupon that was in 1/24 Red Plum from the Sunday's paper.  The Knox coupon states $4 off ANY Knox products.  That means you can grab the Knox Gelatine that is about $1.40  and get it for FREE plus overage!!!

What does it mean when you have overage?  Well, it means that Knox will pay you to buy their product and they will also pay for your milk and/or eggs.  Or you can look at it this way, I bought 2 newspapers for $2.50.  With 1 Knox coupon, I just got paid back the expense of the both newspapers!  That is why it pays to buy more than 1 newspaper. You can double, triple or quadruple your savings!  I LOVE IT!

Don't want to use this product? Donate it to a local food bank!  Charity + Savings is a winning combination!

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