Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Publix Routine with match-ups and links: 1/28-2/3

* For the week of 1/21 go HERE!

I am not a huge fan of "reinventing the wheel".  I Heart Publix does a fabulous job posting the match-ups of Publix deals with coupons.  These are the match-ups starting 1/28 (1/29 for some):
  1. Know your Publix stores coupon policy: If not, call them now!  Do they take competitor coupons? If so, do they take drugstores, food lion, walmart and target coupons? Do they double coupons?
  2. SUPER DEALS: I pick out items with their coupons from the Super Deals.  Try to buy enough of the item for 6 weeks or more if they are free.
  3. DOLLAR DEALS: I pick out items from the Dollar Deals and the other Dollar Deals section section.  Again, try to buy enough of the item for 6 weeks or more .
  4. Weekly Match-ups: Then I go to the Weekly Match-ups and pick out my menu for the week taking my stockpile of frozen meat and goods into consideration as well as get items that are needed around the house.  I also stock up 6 weeks worth of items that I can freeze or store since it is never a good idea to pay retail :)
  5. Competitor coupons and man. coupons: I also check through the Food Lion Printable Coupons Target Grocery Coupons and other competitors coupons for the items that are not on sale as well as Coupons.comRed Plum and Smart Source.You can save even if it is not the BEST DEAL.  I would only buy enough for 1 week since it is NOT the best deal.
  6. $5 off:  I print my $5 off for every $25 coupon (if accepted). HERE if my store considers CVS/Rite Aid a competitor.
  7. Rewrite list on envelope:  Break them up in separate purchases if using multiple $5 off coupons.  Paper clip coupons, place them in my envelope with my grocery list and head to the store.  Hand the cashier the coupons in the process of checking out with the $5 off on top.  I always hand them my Publix Upromise card to have them scan to save for my kiddos college fund.  If you have not signed up for Upromise, do it NOW!  Upromise is an EASY program to help save for your children, nephews, nieces and grandchildren's college fund with your simple purchases.   
I am no expert. This is just my routine which I am sure I will perfect over time as I know you will.  Let me know what you think!

*To get a little info on Publix, go to 10 reasons why I love Publix!

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Meredith Martini Hoban said...

Okay, I've used a coupon here and there in the past, but have been inspired by you and others and am going for it! I did my first Publix trip with coupons last night and "saved" $48 and spent $98. It seemed like it took a lot longer to shop. I'm guessing I will improve. I left a few items on my list and am going to Kroger today. My biggest struggle is where to put everthing since space is an issue and stocking up requires space!

Thanks for the inspiration and info C.A. - I'll keep you posted.

Courtney said...

I know what you mean Meredith. I am stocking up but we have not made the Big move to get a Deep Freezer. My husband had some shelfs in the garage that he emptied so that I could put my dry goods in there.

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