Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saving money naturally and organically

  1. Shop your local farmer's market. Most of the time you save an average of 33%
  2. Buy most produce in season.  
  3. Buy in bulk. For beans, grains, lentils and nuts, go straight for the bulk containers. Just make sure you have a cool, dry place in your kitchen to store your dry goods for a couple of months. You can save on storage space by splitting your goods with a friend.
  4. Frozen- In the off season buy preserved foods including frozen fruits and vegetables.
  5. Shop Sales and house brands.  Look at the circular for your grocery stores to find the loss leaders.  
  6. Shop on-line. The GreenPeople directory from the Organic Consumer Association is a good place to begin your online search for cost-effective organic foods. A list of additional organic directories is also available on the site.  There are also plenty of on-line stores offering organic products from Organic Kitchen and even Amazon
  7. Be flexible.  Use store discount fliers when planning your weekly menus. More mindful shopping can save you money. Shop Aldi and other smaller stores.  They have a small, inexpensive selection of organic foods.  Combine shopping at smaller stores and bigger grocery stores to buy the loss leaders and stock up when they are on discount.
  8. Buy a share in a community-supported agriculture program.
  9. Coupons- You will find a few in the Sunday paper as well as online coupon websites like coupons.com
  10. Sign up- Sign up for the following newsletters:  Kiwi, Mambo sprouts and Eating Well.  They e-mail great lots of coupons and meal ideas.   
  11. Less Meat- Eat less meat. Organic meat can be expensive.  Also eating vegetarian is healthier.  
  12. Grow your own- Start your own organic garden.  
  13. Solicit- Look on the websites of your favorite organic companies and print out your favorite companies' coupons.  They do not provide coupons? Contact them, pay them a complement on their foods and they will most likely send you more coupons to keep you as a faithful customer.

List of Organic/Natural Food Companies with Links to coupons, newsletters that  offer coupons or contact information to request coupons:



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