Wednesday, February 17, 2010

100 Mom Cards for $1.99 + Shipping

100 Mommy Contact Cards for $1.99

I don't know about you but my arms are always full when I am trying to give another mom my information....or I can't find a pen.  I think these Mom Cards  at VistaPrint are PERFECT and inexpensive, ONLY $1.99 + Shipping (for me the lowest shipping cost was $4.41).  They are so cute! Use them:
  • New moms you meet that you want to set up a play date with
  • If your child has allergies or medical conditions, you can put the information on the card as well as any lifesaving information.
  • Contact info for the Babysitter
  • Neighbors
  • Put in holiday cards, thank you cards and more
  • Put one in your suitcase or diaper bag in case it gets lost (or in a luggage tag).  
This is a great deal.  You can also go through Shop at Home and get 6% back on purchases too!  If you have never used Shop at Home when you use it you get an additional $5 credit towards this purchase which is like getting the MOMMY CARDS FREE!

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