Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FREE Princess Phone Call!

*Disney Movie Rewards is offering up a GREAT freebie.  Right now you can get a FREE phone call from Princess Tiana.  Just log into your Disney Rewards account and enter FREE promo code gumbo.  The call will then be credited to your account.  

Not only that, you can also get ANOTHER FREE CALL (for your kid's birthday or other occasion) by:
  1. Clicking on member benefits, 
  2. Click on special offers
  3. Scroll down until you see the sign up for a FREE phone call from a Princess!
I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough for me to surprise her with this!  Enjoy!

*If you are not already a member, please leave me a comment.  I am currently trying to save reward points so that I can get my kids all of the classic Disney Movies.  Leave me a comment with you e-mail address.  I will delete your e-mail once I receive it for your privacy.  

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