Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SWEET DEAL: Entertainment Book for $21 (40% off )+ $20 in Grocery Store Coupons in Select Locations

Entertainment Book 2010

Did you know that the Entertainment Book in my area has almost $18,000 worth of savings?  Right now you can get the Entertainment Book for 40% off :  You pay $21 rather than $35!

*The deal gets even sweeter because some Entertainment books include 4 (or more) - $5 off of every $25 purchase GROCERY store coupons (check to verify your City entertainment book includes this).   That is $20 in savings right off the top PLUS you can use this at your FAVORITE competitor coupon friendly grocery store.

UPDATE:  LOCATIONS with $5 off at "XYZ" GROCERY STORE include: Orlando, Orange County (California), Kansas, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Little Rock, Colorado, Jacksonville (FL) and more. Based on how many $5 off coupons your local store has, you get the entertainmant book for free (Some locations have 12 - $5 off coupons for the local grocery ).Go ahead and purchase yours today!

Thanks, Frugal Living and Having Fun!
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