Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How does Shop at Home and Ebates work?

Shop at Home and Ebates are simple rebate programs where you earn cash back for your on-line purchases.  The cash back is in the form of a REAL LIVE CHECK!  Yes, you receive actual money back with no strings attached.  You also earn $5 for each referral.

**If you decide to sign up, please use my links  for Shop at Home and Ebates.  I use any little amount I make on this website to supplement my family's income since we are back to paying 2 mortgages (see condo in the right hand corner) :(  **

  • You receive anywhere from 2%-30% back.  
  • You receive a check after your balance reaches $20.  
  • You receive $5 for signing up.
  •  $5 for EVERY referral.   
  • You receive anywhere from 2%-30% back.
  • They cut you a check every 3 months
  •  You earn $5 for every referral as well. 
How Do I Use Shop at Home and Ebates?
Just this week, I used Shop at Home to buy items to complete my children's playroom and for a rug for my back door.  All of the pictures here are of items I bought! This is how I did it:
  1. I went to Shop at Home and Ebates and did a search on Home Depot and Ballard Designs to see if these companies used either one of these services.
  2. Shop at Home gives 3% back (6% today only) on my Home Depot Purchase (free shipping) and 6% back on my Ballard Designs Purchase.  
  3. I went through the link on Shop at Home to get to Home Depot. ($3.81 back for going through a link- $7.62 today)  
  4. I shop like normal and check out.  
  5. Did a search on Ballard Design at Shop at Home 
  6. Connected with Ballard Designs through the link on Shop at Home
  7. Shop and Check out like normal ($9.00 back for going through their link).
  8. I got my Fabulous Zebra Rug from Home Depot and my Burlap Drapes and French Jute Rug for my back door from Ballard Designs with $12.81 CASH BACK!  

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