Thursday, March 18, 2010

How I Save on My "Fancy" Starbucks Coffee Addiction

I am on the South Beach diet.  One of my favorite treats is the Non-fat sugar free Vanilla Latte at  Starbucks, but I hate spending $3.34+ tax every time the mood hits me.  This is how I save on my Non-fat Sugar free Vanilla Latte addiction:
  1. I go to the or by my local store
  2. Buy my Espresso Roast for $10.95 for a pound (1 pound = 64  - 5 ounce cups = .17 a cup of coffee)
  3. Buy my Sugar free Vanilla Syrup $10.95 for 1 Liter with pump (2 pumps per cup = .16 a cup of coffee)
  4. I already own an espresso machine. If you do not already own a capuccino maker, buy a capuccino maker through the StarbucksStore.comAmazon or your local Target or Walmart.
Starbucks vs.  Savebucks at home   
* $3.34 + tax vs. 40¢  for each tall vanilla latte (.17 espresso coffee + .16 for syrup + .07 for milk )
 88% savings!

No big deal right..think again!
If you buy 1 tall vanilla latte at Starbucks once a week for a year, the cost is $173.68 + tax.  If you make your own at Savebucks for a year, the cost is $20.80. It is the little things that add up! That is 88% savings!

Now whenever the mood hits me, I do not have to rush to Starbucks.  There is a little trial and error, but in the end I will SAVE!  To pick up more items to open your own Savebucks, go here!  

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Kelly and Brent said...

Where do you get the syrup? My friends are interested and making their own Starbuck coffee at home :)

Courtney said...

I buy my syrup at either at starbucks online or in stores.

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