Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Updated: Ways to Win More Through Swagbucks

Search & Win

As you know I am very excited about swag bucks.  I think it is a very easy way to earn FREE Gift Cards as well as cool prizes like the Kindle and iPad.  For those of you who would like to win more swagbucks, here is the information on how to optimize your experience! 

Tips for when you are starting out:
  1. Download: Download your toolbar for your browser.  This will make it easy to do a quick little search here and there.  Also, there is a little spot where you will see a swagcode pop up. They will only be good for a few hours.  This way you know as soon as possible.
  2. Follow:   Follow swagbucks on your social networking sites like facebook and twitter.  They release more swagbucks on these sight so you have more opportunities to win them. 
  3. Search Limits: There is usually a limit of how many you can win a day 3-4 so do not be obsessed!  Try to spread out your searches and ONLY use authentic searches.  For example, search Centsable Lady rather than just going to your bookmark.  
  4. Goal: Set a goal for this year.  Look through the Swag store and make a goal prize. My personal goal is to pay for MOST if not all of my Christmas presents through Gift cards earned through swag bucks (450 Swagbucks = 1 Amazon Gift Card)! Don't worry I will update you about this in December.  This will help you to stay motivated! Mother's Day is Coming up.  Both Proflowers and red envelope $5 gift cards are 140 Swagbucks each.  Work towards free mother's day gifts.
  5. Other than Searching: Remember you can win swagbucks for online shopping, watching video ads, completing special offers, recycling cell phones, using a prescription discount card and more! 
  6. Clicking on Ads:  Swagbucks makes money off of ads and they are sharing the wealth by passing on  prizes and rewards onto you.  You may get higher value swagbucks just for clicking on ads or the top items in your search.  Instead of closing your page use the back arrow button.  I win swagbucks this way all of the time,
  7. Mega Swag Bucks day:  You have a better chance of winning higher value swag bucks for doing on line searches on Friday which is Mega Swag bucks day!
  8. Refer friends and encourage them:  When your friends sign up, you earn swag bucks each time they search!  If you really believe that this is a great idea, why not share it :) Share your genuine success with the program.  I want a FREE Christmas and I would love for my friends to have the same.
  1.  3-6 Quick Swag Bucks
        *Register or Log in (Never registered before? you win 60 SB)
        *Go to the special offers page (left side)
        *Go to no obligation offers page and hit skip for every offer.  Easy 3 SB.     
        *Go back to special offers page
        *Scroll down a bit.  You will see "Wall 1, Wall 2, Wall 3"
        *Click on each wall until you see a video offer.  Watch a video.     

    2.   Winning?:  Log out of SB and clear browser history and cookies.  Now do a search. 
    3.   Search more: Use SB to get to your e-mail, news or facebook everyday.  
    4.   Slickdeals threadCheck this thread for the latest info.
    5.   Submit a Poll idea here:
    6.   Increase your searches:  Teach your husband, wife or kids how to search using swag bucks. 

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