Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Print your Coupons and BUDGET!!!

At the beginning of each month, the following websites reset their coupons.  That means you can go ahead and print the coupons from this month that you will need next month (to the print limit).

Plus, it is time to set up your Zero-based budget (then negotiate with your spouse) for April! If you are single, put together your Zero-based budget and get an accountability partner.  No excuses!
  • What is a zero-based budget?  A zero-based budget is one where your total income minus your total expenses equals $0. In other words, it forces you to assign every dollar of income to an expense (or savings) category. As Dave Ramsey puts it, you’ll be “spending your month’s income on paper” before you spend it in real life.
  • But my husband handles the finances!  My husband had a ton on his plate. I asked him if it would be okay if I, the unorganized spender, could do the budget.  With a smile, he said yes.  HELP him by helping your family make a budget.  Yes, numbers make my head hurt too. 
  • Isn't the word budget a four letter word? No, I love my budget.  I have FREEDOM like you will never believe with a BUDGET!
  • Overwhelmed? Sign up for Financial Peace University or buy Dave Ramsey's books!

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